In 1984, E.O. Wilson first used the term Biophilia to describe his belief that humans inherently enjoy the diversity of life on earth, and that much of our well being comes from that enjoyment.

Cognitive Animals

To create a real awareness of the natural environment we need to understand the cognitive animals and overcame the species concept.

Nature Connectedness

According with the researchers it is the extent to which individuals include nature as part of their identity


Biological Connection

Children can truly thrive when allowed extended periods of time in natural settings that are full of life. A natural connection with other living being seem arise as if rooted in our biology.

Animal’s empathy

The only way to explain why you would feel good about doing something for somebody else is if you have some sort of stake in their welfare and that’s really what the empathy mechanism is all about.

National Academy of Sciences

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Only understanding the natural world as a part of our identity and feeling our self as a part of it we can step out of our antropocentic view and be one with it.


Currently we are collaborating with diffeent company to promote a cultural change in the way we percive the natural enviroment.

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Movisystem develop processes and software of automation and information, improving different tipolgies of work making them professional and safe. We collect and track data from hundreds of parameters like temperatures, pressures, rates, time, or digital signals and alarms, to create efficient control systems.

Nina London

We support organizations to achieve their objectives to improve the working environment and to gain their full potential through different methods and facilitation techniques using innovative tools such as methodology LEGO® SERIOUS Play®. We run masterclass in Project and Team Management in London and Barcelona.

Inuit Place

Nuestra misión como consultora es iniciar y acompañar procesos de cambio, de bajo a arriba (bottom-up), participativos y transparentes, que consigan incluir a la totalidad de los equipos y las organizaciones con las que trabajamos.

A deeper awareness of the relationship between human beings and the natural world to widen our point of view about all life forms and their interconnections.
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